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With the performance Topeng–Masquerade,

two virtuosic ensembles Black Pencil and gamelan ensemble Kyai Fathillah wants to investigate, connect and cherish the musical and cultural relationship. With various concerts and workshops, two far cultures East and West meet in a unique combination of instruments , sound spectrum and compositions.


The music consists of new compositions by Roderik de Man (Netherlands) and the Indonesian composers Iwan Gunawan (1974), Jay Afrisando (1989), Aldy Maulana (1991) and Nursalim Yadi Anugerah (1991), supplemented with special arrangements by wayang topeng- traditional. A spectacular musical encounter between the Dutch ensemble Black Pencil and the gamelan ensemble Kyai Fatahillah from West Java conducted by the Iwan Gunawan.

The contemporary compositions are interspersed with own arrangements of traditional works, age-old short pieces that have their origin in topeng dance theatre. Kyai Fatahillah does this very spectacularly, and together with Black Pencil it becomes versatile and virtuosic. The traditional works will act as interludes between the contemporary compositions. The confrontation between folk music and contemporary music is stimulating, exciting and functions as a mirror. In addition, the variety gives listeners the opportunity to let the new compositions sink in.

Just like in commedia dell'arte and topeng theater dance, there is no extensive decor. Music plays the leading role; the theatrical setting is supportive and minimalist, like a temporary construction for the street. Tables and stools provide alternative playgrounds for the interludes. Instruments are used as props: the percussion (consisting of actual percussion instruments, but also bottles, chains, pots, pans, cups, saws, etc.) and the gamelan instruments are scattered around the stage, and behind the musicians the stage image is determined by large recorders (double bass and sub bass) and

Black Pencil's unique double bass panflute.

The unique line-up of Black Pencil, consisting of recorder, panflute, viola, accordion and percussion, will be fully utilized. The line-up of Kyai Fatahillah will consist of bonang pelog, bonang slendro & kenong, gender barung pelog, gender panerus slendro & 3 kempuls, gong set slendro, sundanese kendang & kulanter. Jay Afrisando's work will use electronics and will be served by Black Pencil. In total there are 11 musicians on stage (5 musicians Black Pencil, 6 musicians Kyai Fatahillah; no conductor). 




Roderik de Man (1941): Buffoni (2013)

Black Pencil


Interlude I: Topeng Traditional

Kyai Fatahillah & Black Pencil


Iwan Gunawan (1974): Meeting on the Kitchen (2022)

Kyai Fatahillah & Black Pencil


Interlude II: Topeng Traditional

Kyai Fatahillah

Aldy Maulana (1991): Gerak (2022)

Black Pencil


Nursalim Yadi Anugerah (1991): Hogespanning (2022)

Kyai Fatahillah & Black Pencil


Interlude III: Topeng Traditional

Kyai Fatahillah


Jay Afrisando (1989): Perfectly Glitched (2022)

Black Pencil & elektronica


Interlude IV: Topeng Traditional

Kyai Fatahillah & Black Pencil


Roderik de Man (1941): Topeng (2022)

Kyai Fatahillah & Black Pencil

Kyai Fatahillah.png
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