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La Volta draws its inspiration from the performance practice of music and compositions from the Elizabethan period. Specifically, the unique book by Thomas Morley ‘First Book of Consort Lessons’ (1599), the most important Renaissance publication for Broken Consort.


A selection of the finest Pavanes, Gaillardes and other dances have served as the guideline for the new compositions, written by composers from different backgrounds and generations.


The music features a wide variety of styles, including those of  Klaas de Vries (NL-1944), David Dramm (USA/NL 1961), Florian Magnus Maier (DE/NL-1973) and Oene van Geel (NL-1973), as well as original arrangements of dances by John Dowland (1563-1626), William Byrd (1540-1623), Thomas Morley (1557 - 1602) . The programme is performed with the unique instrumentation of Black Pencil: blockflute, panflute, viola, accordion and percussion.


La Volta is a concert of ca. 80 minutes, adventurous, full of contrast and diversity.




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John Dowland (1563-1626): Come Again (1597)


John Dowland (1563-1626):  Galliard to Captaine Pipers Pavin (1598)


Thomas Morley (1557/58-1602):  Joyne Hands (1598)


Klaas de Vries (1944): From Far… Broken (2016) *


John Dowland (1563-1626): Can she excuse my wrongs with virtues cloak (1598)


Roderik De Man (1941):  La Volta (2016)

Thomas Morley (1557/58-1602): The Frog Galliard (1598)


William Byrd (1543?-1623):  My Lord of Oxenfords Maske (1598)


David Dramm (1961): Sorry (2016) *


Thomas Morley (1557/58-1602): La Coranto (1598)


Oene van Geel (1973): Bayachrimae (2016) *


 Thomas Morley (1557/58-1602):  The Lord Souches Maske (1598)


* commissioned by the Performing Arts Fund NL

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