Black Pencil Prize 2020

The winner of the Black Pencil Prize 2020 is

Andys Skordis (Cyprus) for his work “Uz...u”


Two Honorary Mentions:

Arda Yurdusev (Turkey): “Seyyah Trilogy”

Florence Anna Maunders (United Kingdom): “Bursting Out"






























Finalists of the Black Pencil Prize 2020 (in alphabetical order):

ANTHONY LEIGH DUNSTAN   "quantum foam" for recorder, panflute, viola, accordion, percussion and reverb system.

FLORENCE ANNE MAUNDERS   "Bursting Out" for harpsichord, recorder, panflute, viola, accordion and percussion.

GERMÁN MEDINA CALLE   "Apocryphal" for harpsichord, recorder, panflute, viola, accordion and percussion.

FINTAN O'HARE   "So Sa Si" for recorder, panflute, viola, accordion and percussion.

ANDYS SKORDIS   “Uz...u” - ...lament for harpsichord, recorder, panflute, viola, accordion and percussion.

ARDA YURDUSEV   "Seyyah Trilogy" for harpsichord, recorder, panflute, viola, accordion and percussion



  • The Black Pencil Prize will be awarded to a new composition written for the instrumentation of the Black Pencil ensemble (recorder, panflute, viola, accordion, percussion), either with or without harpsichord

  • Composers of all ages and nationalities are invited to participate

  • The use of amplification, (live) electronics, video and/or theatrical elements is allowed

  • The duration should not exceed 10 minutes

  • There is no entrance fee



  • EUR. 1.000 

  • A professional studio recording of the winning composition

  • Performance of the piece during a selection of concerts of Black Pencil during the season 2020-2021

  • Additional prizes will be considered



15 November 2019


Candidates should supply:

  • A biography (in English) and recent photo of the composer 

  • The score and parts of the piece, together with the necessary performance instructions in Pdf format

  • Midi file as a reference

  • Use your real name (pseudonym is not needed)

  • A composer can submit more than one composition

Please send your entry to:


 All members of the Black Pencil Ensemble

Guus Janssen
Martijn Padding
Roderik de Man

Ere Lievonen

The jury will choose 3 to 5 works to be performed from which the winning composition will be selected.

We reserve the right to make necessary changes.


Please visit for detailed information about each of the instruments and how to write for Black Pencil. Feel free to cont@ct us if you have any questions.









































            Photo: Co Broerse (2018)


Black Pencil Prize 2018, 1st Prize

Fred Momotenko: Danco Konsonanco

Black Pencil Prize 2018, Honorary Mention

Cinzia Nistico: Obscure alternatives

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