Interior 123

technical details



  • Virtual Reality performance of 7,5 minutes, continuing on a loop. About 5-8 minutes time in between each performance needed to hand over the headsets to the new audience.

  • The minimum space required is about 49 m2. Bigger spaces and spaces with unconventional shapes also possible.

  • Capacity is 10 visitors at a time (we offer 10 VR headsets).

  • The audience sits on wooden cubes (cajons). Each cube has a built-in vibration system that goes in sync with the music.

  • 8 monitor speakers are placed around the audience.

  • Four ventilators are placed discretely on the floor level around the audience for wind effect.

  • Five musicians are placed between the speakers. The musicians play recorder, pan pipes, viola, accordina and percussion (vibraphone, glockenspiel and cajon). The musicians are not amplified, unless needed due to the performance space.

  • The musicians can play 2-3 hours in a row. Two hours performance in the afternoon and two hours performance in the evening also possible .

  • Only electricity 220 V needed from the venue.

  • The ensemble has all the gear needed (VR-equipment, speakers, sits, audio interfaces, pre-amps, cables, laptop). It can all be transported with a Van from Amsterdam.

  • For overseas performances, the ensemble brings the music instruments except percussion, laptop and VR gear. The rest (including vibraphone, glockenspiel and cajon) should be provided by the festival.

  • Indoor activity.

  • Build up time: 4 hours. Break down time: 2 hours

  • This performance/installation is a concept that appeals to a broad range of people (including children from 8 years of age).

  • Please contact us if you require any further information.